List of Updates for 2005:

November 20, 2005:
Corrected typo in Chapter 6 (Wilhelm Hieronymus Pachelbel died in 1764, not 1746).

November 5, 2005:
Added a new page on the 1799 John and Andrew Krauss organ in Bally.
Updated Chapter 5 with a new link to the Bally organ.

October 31, 2005:
Added more recent recordings of the 'Wegweiser' verses and 2 new photos to the Moselem Springs page.
Updated and added additional information on the Moselem Springs page.
Added 2 new sound files and 1 new photo to the Madison, VA page.
Added 4 photos to the 1793 Nazareth Tannenberg page.
Added 1 new photo to the St. Stephen's Reformed Church (1801 Tannenberg) page.
Added 2 sound files to the Old Norriton (1852 George Krauss) page.
Corrected several spelling errors and 1 bad link.

October 12, 2005:
Updated Chapter 8.

July 22, 2005:
Corrected typo in the stoplist of 1798 Tannenberg (Quintadena is 8', not 4').

July 15, 2005:
Expanded and updated Chapter 6 with additional text and a few spelling corrections.

July 10, 2005:
Updated the Welcome Message page.

July 9, 2005:
Updated Chapter 4 with a new link (at the bottom of the page) to a page about Tannenberg's proposal for a new organ for Central Moravian Church in Bethlehem.
Updated the page on the 1800 Old Salem Tannenberg to include additional picture (pedal pipes).

Archived updates from 2003 and 2004.

June 27, 2005:
Updated Chapter 8 with news of three upcoming recitals on Tannenberg organs.

February 13, 2005:
Updated Chapter 5 with the c1835 Dieffenbach organ now located in the residence of Carol Dieffenbach Kantner.

February 6, 2005:
Updated email links with new email address.

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