List of Updates for 2003:

December 13, 2003:
Updated Chapter 8 with news of the recital at York, PA
Fixed several broken links.

November 10, 2003:
Updated Chapter 8.
Added music files on the George Krauss organ in Huff's Church.

October 20, 2003:
Changed the time of the recital at Huff's Church from 4:00pm to 3:00pm (Chapter 8).
Changed the name of Chapter 10 from Important Links to Relevant Links.

September 15, 2003:
Changed date for the recital at Huff's Church (Chapter 8).

September 13, 2003:
Added List of Updates page.
Added page for the 1808 Christian Dieffenbach organ in Orwigsburg (link in Chapter 5).
Added old photo of the 1785 church at Zion Lehigh (link in Chapter 4).
Added 2 photos to the Spring City (Tannenberg) page.
Added photo to the Old Norriton (George Krauss) page.
Added photo to the Peace Church (Conrad Doll) page.

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