Moravian Chapel in Nazareth Hall - Nazareth, PA

(case front & front pipes now located in the Moravian Church in Nazareth)


Tannenberg's new organ for the Moravian chapel in Nazareth was dedicated on December 15, 1793. The cost of the organ was £274. The organ was placed in the Saal or the meeting room of Nazareth Hall (see photo below), which then served as the congregation's chapel. In appearance and design, the organ was very similar to the 1787 instrument for Lititz Moravian Church. One notable difference is the inclusion of a full-scaled Gedackt instead of a Principal dulcis. In a memorandum sent to Salem, North Carolina, Tannenberg described the organ to the officials in Salem. In addition to the stop list, he noted that the case was 13 1/2 feet high with a detached console 4 feet high.

In 1840, the organ was moved to the new church by George Haus who added side towers and flats to the case. In 1861 when the new church building on the square was built, the organ was transferred to that building by Charles Hanzelman. Hanzelman added another rank to the organ, probably an 8' Principal. The organ was extensively rebuilt in 1898 by E. A. White of Philadelphia who added another 5 stops as part of a second manual. Apparently, his work was somewhat less than satisfactory as the organ was replaced by M. P. Moller in 1913. Moller provided a tubular pneumatic action but kept four of the wood ranks: the Grob Gedackt, Flöt Amabile, Sub Baß and the Octav Baß. The front sections of the case were re-used and the front pipes were retained although they were not playable in this new arrangement. Recently, the Moller organ was replaced by a much larger electro pneumatic instrument by the Lehigh Organ Company in 1992. The original four wood ranks as well as Tannenberg's front pipes (Principal 4') are usable in this new instrument.

The original stop list was:

Manual:     Pedal:  
Grob Gedackt
  Sub Baß
Viol del Gamba
  Octav Baß
Flöt Amabile
Flöt Douce
Sub Octav

Click on the thumbnails to see the larger pictures (the first photo is of Nazareth Hall):


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