Moravian Chapel - Nazareth, PA

(now at the Moravian Historical Society, Nazareth, PA)


This organ was originally built for the Moravian chapel of the Saal or Single Brothers' House in Bethlehem. The cost of the organ was £60. It was dedicated there in November of 1776. In the 1920's it was brought from Bethlehem and installed in the Whitefield House in Nazareth. The organ is entirely original except for the grain-painting of the case sometime in the 1830's. This remarkably original condition of this instrument is partly due to the fact that it was unplayable during much of the time when alterations were likely to have occurred. In 1997, R. J. Brunner & Co. carried out a complete restoration. The exceptionally beautiful grain-painting of the case was left in place, however.

The stop list is:
NOTE: There are no labels for the stops on this organ; the names are based on Tannenberg's usual spellings of these stops.

Manual: C-d3, 51 notes
Flaut Amabile
Viola de Gamba
Flöt duo




The Flaut Amabile and Flöt duo are both open wood ranks although the 4' is stopped from low C to tenor e. The Flöt duo is slightly smaller in scale than the usual Flaute 4'. The Viola de Gamba has a stopped wood bass. As in the 1793 Lititz organ, the 2' Principal is partly in the facade.

To hear an improvisation on the Flaut Amabile 8', click here.

To hear an improvisation on the Flöt duo 4', click here.

To hear an improvisation on the Viola de Gamba 8', click here.

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