Old Norriton Presbyterian Church - Norristown, PA

George Krauss - 1852

The little organ now in Old Norriton Presbyterian Church was originally built as a house organ for Maria Krauss Heeber. In 1887, the organ was given to the Norriton and Providence Presbyterian Church, but later it was in the possesion of Amos Schultz, the son of Maria Krauss Heeber. In 1940, the organ was returned to the church and was set up in the Old Norriton Presbyterian meetinghouse near Norristown.

The organ has remained entirely unaltered. In 1982, it was restored to playing condition by Brunner & Heller.

The organ is undergoing another restoration by R. J. Brunner & Co. to be completed in the summer of 2011. As part of this work, the case will have its original grain-painting restored.

The stop list is:

Manual: C - e3, 53 notes
Viola de Gamba
Super Octav
Pedal: C - c, 13 notes
Coppel Pedal


To listen to Trip to Pawtucket by Oliver Shaw played on the Gedact 8', Bass 8' and Principal 4', click here.

To listen to Magnificat sexti toni by Johann Pachelbel played on the Principal 4' alone, click here.

To listen to the Praeludium in F Dur BWV 927 by J. S. Bach, click here. From a recital played on July 19, 1998.

The Gedact and Bass are stopped wood and divide between tenor b and middle c. The first 5 pipes of the Principal are stopped wood and the next 14 pipes are in the facade. Both the Viola de Gamba and the Super Octav are treble stops only; beginning at middle c. The wind pressure is fairly low at about 44mm. The sound and general construction of the instrument is much more like an organ from the mid eighteenth century than the mid nineteenth century. The sound is very bright and intense but without any hint of harshness.

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