Friedens Lutheran Church - Myerstown, PA

Philip Bachmann - 1819

The organ in Friedens Lutheran Church in Myerstown, PA was built by Philip Bachmann in Lititz. It was used until 1908 when it was sold to Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tacoma, Washington. The organ was used there until 1933 when it was replaced by an electro-pneumatic organ. The case and front pipes were used as part of the new organ, however, as were about 50 metal Principal pipes. The remainder of the organ was supposedly placed in storage in the State Museum in Tacoma. Those parts have since disappeared, however. The church, now Luther Memorial Church, has recently closed and the remaining parts of the Bachmann organ which include the front of the case, the metal pipes as well as the detached reversed console kept in the basement of the church will be stored at the shop of Paul Fritts.

The case front and pipes show a remarkable similarity to the 1802 Tannenberg organ in Madison, Virginia. This would seem to suggest that Bachmann was most familiar with Tannenberg's later case designs and used those designs in the building of his own organs.

The following stop list is taken from the 19th century stop knob replacements now on the console. Since no other stop list from an organ by Bachmann has survived, it is not known whether he used the German names for the stops, but it seems likely that he did. The name Harmonic Flute is puzzling and may have been a misnomer for the open wood Flaute 4' normally found on most Pennsylvania-German organs. The 16' Bourdon was apparently added to the organ in 1908.

Recently, this organ was reconstructed using the surviving parts and pipes by the shop of Paul Fritts with Bruce Shull as project manager. Much information about this exciting project can be found on their web site by clicking here.

Manual: C-f3, 54 notes
Principal dulcis 8'
Gedackt 8'
Quintadena 8'
Octav 4'
Flauta 4'
Quinte 3'
Octav 2'
Mixtur 3f.  
Pedal: C-f, 18 notes
Subbass 16'






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