David Tannenberg, Organ Builder

Chapter 9: News & Upcoming Recitals


Dr. Sarah Davies playing the 1770 Tannenberg Organ

Sunday September 22, 2013 at 3pm.

Zion Moselem Lutheran Church is located at 340 Moselem Church Road north of Route 222.




Old Pennsylvania-German Organs Volume 2 has been released! To purchase a copy, please visit the Organ Historical Society catalog (see the links in Chapter 11 for the OHS web site).

The Central German Organ School

new compact disc recording on the organ at Chico State University. Built by Munetaka Yokota, this organ was constructed in the traditions of Gottfried Silberamnn and Zacharias Hildebrandt. Music includes works by Johann Pachelbel, Johann Krieger, Johann Heinrich Buttstedt, Nicolaus Vetter, Johann Michael Bach, Johann Gottfried Walther, Johann Bernhard Bach and others.

Available NOW at the Organ Historical Society Catalog!

Philip T. D. Cooper, Organist

Old Pennsylvania-German Organs CD Series:

Work continues to progress on the editing and production of Old Pennsylvania-German Organ Volume 3. This will be realised as funds become available.

Volume 4 will feature only the 2 Tannenberg organs in Old Salem. The smaller of these organs has recently been restored (click here for more info).

Old Pennsylvania-German Organs is a six volume series featuring all nine organs by Tannenberg as well as twelve other organs built by the followers of Tannenberg.


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