David Tannenberg, Organ Builder

Chapter 8: New Organs Built in the Tannenberg Style

This new chapter will feature new organs built in the style of David Tannenberg. Recently, the author had the pleasure of visiting the new Taylor & Boody organ for First Presbyterian Church in Pittsford, New York, just ouside the city of Rochester. This organ was designed as a larger version of the 1800 Tannenberg organ in Old Salem. Like the organs Tannenberg built for Lutheran and German Reformed churches, this organ also has mixture and reed stops.

The stoplist of the organ is:

Hauptwerk C-f''' 54 notes:
8 F.
Groß Gedackt
8 F.
Quinta Dena
8 F.
Flöt Traver (c')
8 F.
Principal Octav
4 F.
4 F.
3 F.
Super Octav
2 F.
Terz (c') 3 1/5F.  
Mixtur 3-4f.    
8 F.
Hinterwerk C-f''' 54 notes:
Flöt Amabile 8 F.  
Lieblich Gedackt 8 F.  
Viola di Gamba 8 F.  
Flöt Douce 4 F.  
Salicet 4 F.  
Fistel Quint 3 F.  
Hohlflöt 2 F.  
Vox Humana 8 F.  
Pedal C-f' 30 notes:
Sub Baß
16 F.
8 F.
4 F.
16 F.
8 F.
HW to Ped.  



The manual to pedal coupler is the "Windkoppel" type used by Tannenberg. The organ also has a Tremulant.

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