David Tannenberg, Organ Builder

Chapter 3: The Extant Organs of David Tannenberg

Below is a list of the nine surviving organs by David Tannenberg. Follow the links to read more detailed information on the history of each instrument including stop lists, photographs and some sound files. There are also four cases that are extant as well as various places where a few pipes or other parts are kept. These are noted in the next chapter: Toward an Opus List.

Zion Lutheran Church, Moselem Springs, PA - Originally located in the gallery of the stone church of 1761. Rebuilt in 1894 by Samuel Bohler and moved to the new church building. Rebuilt again in 1974 by Joseph Chapline. Complete restoration back to its 1770 condition was completed by R. J. Brunner & Co. in 2010 - 2011.
Moravian Chapel, Bethlehem, PA - Originally built for the Moravian Chapel in the Single Brethren's House in Bethlehem. Entirely original - reconditioned by R. J. Brunner & Co. in 1997. Now located in the Moravian Historical Society in the Whitefield House in Nazareth, PA.
Moravian Congregation, Lititz, PA - Placed in the west gallery of Tannenberg's own church. Rebuilt by an unknown organ builder in the 1870's and moved to a Moravian Church in South Bethlehem. Returned to Lititz in 1910. Complete restoration in 1980-1983 by James R. McFarland & Co. and placed in the gallery of the hall of the Single Brothers' House.
Zion Lutheran Church, Spring City, PA - Originally located in the gallery of the 1775 stone building. Moved to the new church building in 1861. Slightly altered by J. W. Custer in 1881. Complete restoration in 1998 by Patrick J. Murphy & Associates.
Moravian Chapel, Graceham, Maryland - Originally built for the Moravian Chapel in Graceham, Maryland, it was moved to Lititz Moravian Church in 1957. This organ has remained entirely original. Reconditioned in 1984 by James R. McFarland & Co.
Gemeinhaus Saal, Salem, North Carolina - Installed by Philip Bachmann in the Gemeinhaus Saal in Salem. Disassembled and placed in storage in 1864. Rebuilt in 1964 with an incorrect stop list and placed in the Single Brothers' House. Restored by Taylor and Boody in 2007 using the original pipe work.
Home Moravian Church, Salem, North Carolina - Installed in the new church by Philip Bachmann. Extensively rebuilt in 1870 by Henry Erben and again by S. E. Peterson. Placed in storage in 1910. Completely restored to its 1800 condition by Taylor and Boody Organ Builders in 2003 - 2004. Now located in the Visitors' Center at Old Salem.
Hebron Lutheran Church, Madison, Virginia - Largely original. Reconditioned in 1970 by George Taylor. This is the only Pennsylvania-German organ that is in its original location as well as still in continuous use.
Christ Lutheran Church, York, PA - Originally located in the gallery of the 1762 stone building. Moved in 1812 to the new church building. The case was rebuilt in 1874. The organ underwent a major rebuilding in 1905 by Reubin Midmer & Son and moved to the church's Bee Hive Chapel. Given to the Historical Society of York County in 1949 (now the York County Heritage Trust) and set up in 1958 by Fred Furst. Partial restoration in 1991 by R. J. Brunner & Co. aimed at returning the organ to its original state. Awaiting further restoration work.


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